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. pushed back six weeks to now march 31st. previously it was mid february. the tax penalties under the overall and it is only good for 2014. >>> the family of a teen shot and killed by a sheriff's deputy says they want justice for their son's death. what they said about the consequences that deputy could face. >> from the kitchen to the courtroom. why he was on the witness stand today in the north bay. >> there is a frost advisory for parts of the bay area tonight. i'll let you know if it includes your backyard. >>> continuing coverage on the shooting death of a teen-ager by a share river adeputy. as community out rage over that killing continues to grow. we're hearing for the first time today the name of the sheriff's deputy who shot that teen. she joins is with the site of the vigil. alley. >> reporter: people in the community have been coming to this site all afternoon. they have been leaving behind and eling, flowers and balloons. i spoke with andy afather. he didn't want to talk on camera, but high wants justice for his son's death. when i asked what justice means for him, he
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1